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This is a series of articles to help you on your journey of Renting A Home.

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Move in sheet  just move your mouse over the photo of the home and click.



Here is the application that you will need to fill out and turn in, there is an application fee of $45.00 per adult. We also have a crime free addendum, we also verify employment.  You can use our buy now button to pay for your application, If there is more than one applicant please use the add to cart button. See below:



Number of Applicants

pet addendum

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HOME RENTING MADE SIMPLE: Part I- How do I find a home to rent?

                            Part 2- How do I qualify for the home?

                            Part 3- Credit Reports Background Checks?

                            Part 4- Pets, breed restrictions ?

                            Part 5- Home Owners Associations

                            Part 6- Moving IN  don't forget to do this!

                            Part 7- Moving out - you are moving!!!!




Click on the truck for the move out Cleaning Guide.


if you need to find a rental property

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