Short Sales Realtors

Are you looking for an agent that lists short sales? Have you though about how much experience  that agent has, have they closed short sales successfully? Have they worked with different banks?  Please ask these questions, what did they bring to the appointment, a bunch of papers or information to help you though the process? Did they ask you for money up front? Why would you pay it??

Do you feel like this

We at A Better Realty .Net has a success ratio of 86%, if you work with us and provide all the paperwork we need, we will work relentlessly on your behalf to get this transaction closed.

We are offering a Short Sale Seminars on .

For more information email us at

Remember that there is no charge for the Homeowner, the bank pays the fees.

Don't wait, you do have options, let us help you through this rough time. We close short sales, we talk to banks, we get contracts approved.

Short Sale Seminar, call for the next one.

we also will do a one on one consultation



Available short Sales



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